About Us

eyeMe™ is an application Service Provider (ASP) that features new Patent Pending software features and platforms on mobile, tablet and desktop devices for user-generated digital media content to facilitate the uploading, downloading, streaming, posting, displaying, blogging, linking, sharing and other electronic media and information via mobile and desktop devices on communication and social networks. The eyeMe® mobile application and websites offer users the use of eyeMe® non-downloadable software that allows web site users to upload, post and display online videos for sharing with others for entertainment purposes, and the eyeMe® mobile application and website offers the software functionality for users to enable them to create customized web pages featuring user-defined profiles.

The eyeMe® digital and social media software technology and services establishes the platform for the creation of an online community of users around the world to uniquely create and share their digital content. eyeMe (ASP) provides mobile and online application tools that help users easily tell and share “their story” with current and future generations with Patent Pending features using a combination of text, photos, audio and video. eyeMe® (ASP) Messenger, eyeMe® Life in Photos, eyeMe® My Inspiration and eyeMe® My Story digital media features all offer rich means for users to experience self-expression, fun, meaningful connections and expression. eyeMe® (ASP) mobile and web Patent Pending PhotoTalk feature offers users the ability to have fun and breathe life into their photos. Some features are only available on the eyeMe website.